September 23, 2015

About Us


BS TEK SOLUSHN DOOEL  was registered in 2017 as a Software, Design and Consultancy Company. Priority in our business is preparation of application software, web applications and web design as well as graphic and 3D design. Manager and founder of the company is Nikolina Bebedzakova, graduated Informatics engineer – Program and Systems Engineering from 2006. at the Institute of Informatics at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics at the University “St. Cyril and Methodius “- Skopje.

We see ourselves as a company that is your best partner, both of the global leaders who develop information technologies as well as the business systems in the immediate environment. Our desires are application and integration of business solutions through application of the most advanced information technologies to provide our clients with successful growth and realization of their business plans.



By following our strong principles of success, we help our clients in shaping their vision and realizing their goal. Our software development offerings include:

  • Translating Product Vision into Product Definition and Building a Concept Analyzing and Documenting System Requirements
  • Architecture and product design using industry-standard design tools and document templates
  • Develop the product based on the most suitable and proven methodologies
  • Extensive testing and quality assurance to ensure a bug-free end-product Enabling cross-platform availability of your product (Windows / Linux)
  • Continuous support throughout the life cycle of the product ie. accepting requests for change, improvements, troubleshooting, and support

Our engineering practices for software product development include proven processes, highly productive development tools, flexible communication methods, excellent management tools and agile product development. We enable our customers to quickly innovate and optimize the realization of innovation by providing Availability, Agility and Safety throughout the entire life cycle of the product.